Clean Eating Meal Plan
"Skeptical About Diets"
"... and I’m about to turn thirty. Being a mom, working full-time, and trying to save a fading social life don’t help you lose weight.

So far, I’ve lost 6 pounds without thinking about dieting or the gym.

It’s simple and my son loves all the new snacks so I’m confident that we’re making the right choices and will stay on track." 
- Chloe
How It Works
Grocery lists are created for you every week. You can shop once and only buy what you’ll need. 
No More Grocery Lists
No More Planning
You can finally stop thinking about what to cook - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all hand-picked for you, weekly. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of eating clean while working toward your goals. 
In as little as 1 hour, you can cook for the week and enjoy healthy leftovers. 
Quick and Easy
Serving Sizes/Leftovers
Feed the whole family or ensure plenty of leftovers by adjusting the serving size. The meal plans will work around your busy schedule and help out when you have guests over. 
Enjoy The Benefits
Everyday ingredients with plenty of 15-minute options. 
Eat fresh and minimally processed foods.
You’ll naturally start losing weight and will feel incredible. 
You’ll have chat support access to our meal plan specialists who are always happy to help. In fact, you may have already met Kelly :) 
iOS and Android
Try It Free!
Try it for a week, on us.
Free Trial For 7 Days
Get access to weekly clean meal plans, hundreds of recipes, and weight loss support.
All subscriptions billed and renewed until cancelled. Cancel at any time.
A. We will only bill you if you do not cancel during the free trial period. Then  once every month from the end of the trial period.

Q. How often and when will I be billed?

A.  Immediately after your initial sign up you will be given a
link to download the app. Each week the app will update with a new plan.

Q. How will I receive the meal plans each week?

A. No way! We understand that the meals we love may not always be loved by everyone else. You can cancel for any reason at any time and there’s no cancellation fee.

Q. If I sign up, am I locked into a contract/is there any kind of cancellations fee?

A. You can chat with us in the app directly anytime.
Or click here to contact us through email.

Q. How do I contact you about my subscription or for  a meal plan question?

A. Absolutely! In fact, you'll save money, so we recommend it! Just contact us to change your account.

Q. I signed up for the month plan, but want

to change it a longer plan. Is this possible?  How do I do that?

Q. I see the meal plan includes 4 recipes a day.

What if I don't have time to cook everything? Can I still use your plans?

A. Yes, of course. You can leave out what you don't want to cook, or meal prep/cook ahead of time and even freeze some of the  recipes for days when you're extra busy and don't feel like cooking.  We know the struggle of having a busy life, so we understand.  We just provide you with a few recipes a day to give you the  option of following our plan, or picking and choosing to fit your  needs and busy schedule. 
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